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Trust God to do His way October 4, 2007

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When you have a closed door, trust God that He is preparing a better way for you.

Joel Osteen

That is more or less the highlight of the sermon I heard from Joel Osteen. When we are faced with a closed door, it could be because of our own mistake, or the events that happen to us, we somehow see that God is no longer working, God’s plan in our life has been degraded. That is the time we have to trust God on His way, instead of our own way or our own understanding.

Your thoughts are far beyond my understanding, much more than I could ever imagine.

(Psalm 139:17 CEV)

For more message from Joel Osteen, click here.



1. Paul Yong - November 6, 2007

There is a website http://dohisway.com by the name “Do His Way” . This opens an opportunity for those who do not know God to come to know Him when they click on to “Spirituality” under section “Helpful Sites”

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