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Relationship: Loving people just because they exist October 8, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Courage, Leadership, People, Spiritual.
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When do you love people? I’m sure we all love or at least like people when they are care about us, helping us, or maybe when we can get or learn something from them. But… how about loving people just because they exist?

Since when do you love people just because they exist? Since you found out that’s what God does! So when it comes to loving yourself, do what God does: Look at yourself and see something beautiful. Soon you’ll see everyone else that way, too.

John Fischer

If we want to simulate God’s love to the world, we have to love them just because they exist. And love doesn’t mean that we accept whatever they are doing, love sometimes have to correct them, when they make some mistakes or incorrect decision.

Another point is that, how difficult that person is toward you, find something beautiful in them and remind yourself, God sees you beautiful, so is that other person.



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