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“Dolce far niente!” October 13, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Leadership, Person, Serenity, Spiritual.
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Busy, busy, busy! even on weekend I also feel so busy. A message below is an excerpt of weekly message that I subscribed from www.tripleE.com.sg, reminding us about “Dolce far niente!” In English, that means “It is sweet doing nothing!”.

We are all incredibly busy and our thoughts and worries are ever-present. In order to keep your personal energy at a constant equilibrium, you need to re-charge yourself regularly. A great way of doing that is to simply do NOTHING! …Just 15 minutes of being still, meditating or comfortably sitting with positive thoughts will do wonders for you and will help to re-charge your energy levels so that you are firing on all cylinders again. By incorporating “nothingness” into your day, greater creativity, focus and of course energy will result!

What I learn from this message is about taking time to relax, put your thought to the positive things that happens on your life, instead of the to-do lists. Take time from your busyness to praise thanksgiving to God instead of praying for a list of requests.

Will you take time to do that?



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