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Journey of Faith October 14, 2007

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Journey of faith, the title of the church sermon today, brought by Ps. Lim Kim Hock.
In the message, we are learning from the life of Abraham, when he asked his servant to find a wife for his son, Isaac. (Gen 24:1-23; 47-67)

The first point I learned, Abraham put his faith on his conviction, based on God’s promises concerning Isaac and the possesion of the land. He stresses the point that the woman for Isaac must not come from Canaan, but from his relatives. Similarly, our conviction must be based on God’s will and God’s promises in our life.

The second point I learned is that God will provide beyond our expectations. He answered the servant’s prayer for a sign even before he finished praying (Gen 24:15).

Living a life of faith is never easy. We meet with all kinds of difficulties or challenges that just seem to come one after another. But at the end of it all, we are blessed by the experience. We learn more about God and grow richer through the experience.

Ps. Lim Kim Hock



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