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Networking for introvert October 16, 2007

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Continuing from my article on “Overcoming Shyness“, on that same day, I also read this article “How to Network: For Introverts” from Businesspundit.com. I was searching the net on articles about networking as I was expected to attend a networking session to represent my company, and I found this unique article, networking tips especially for introverts.

It’s true that for us, introverts, networking is not easy, we’re just uncomfortable with chit-chatting about trivial issue, getting to know new person, etc.

How I summed up the article is the importance of courage and persistence, to come and pick some networking events to attend to, and within the event itself, to approach new people and to get to know them.

Few quotes from the articles:

The hardest part for me was the first few events. I sometimes feel like I don’t know what to say when I meet new people. I would be soooo much more comfortable if someone started a conversation by asking me what I thought of utilitarianism as a way to make ethical decisions, or whether Sarbanes-Oxley has encouraged companies to list on other exchanges. Ideas usually seem so much more interesting than people. But, by sticking it out, month after month, I’ve slowly learned some good things to say, and grown more comfortable meeting strangers. So trust me when I say it gets easier.

Another important point the author said is that seeing networking as investment instead of nuisance, kind of networking with purpose.

Networking is an important key to unlocking your own potential. So play by the rules of the game the best that you can, or don’t sit and complain when you have a great idea and no one to help you launch it.

Who said that introverts doesn’t have advantage in networking? the author also has a point on introverts’ strength in networking.

Introverts are intuitive and analytical. Use that skill. What is working? What isn’t? Where do you get the most bang for your buck?

So, for the introverts out there, let’s try to have the courage to speak out, hang out, and networks! It’s hard in the beginning, but it’s worth it!

For more tips, check the full article here.


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