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Encouraging others… October 23, 2007

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Remember your thoughts do not bless anybody but you…

Joel Osteen

This post is inspired by article from SuccessBeginsToday.org, Building Up & Enlarging People.
How to encourage people?
Firstly: think more about others in your thought, all of us will think a looot about ourselves, what will we get? what is the impression of others about me? etc. Put into your thoughts about thinking of others, think about what will encourage others to do better.
Secondly: as the post from SuccessBeginsToday.org, speak it out, let the other person know, simple words is better than long paragraph not spoken, or spoken not at the right time.

I realize that time commitments and my perfectionist streak hinder me from making quick replies to e-mail or leaving a quick comment on a blog.
Joel’s statement got me thinking… isn’t it better to send a short note saying “great job,” than not sending a more elaborate note because I don’t have time to write it.

John (SuccessBeginsToday.org)

If you find it hard to write a long encouragement note, no idea of what to write and tell, start by a simple words, or even just a show of thumbs!

Read the full article here! Really recommended feeds for you to learn a lot things, small steps to be taken today if you want to be successful!

N.B.: I’d like to thank my friends as well: Koala, Yoseph, Oon, and Daniel, for their short note of encouragement that keeps me blogging. Thanks for Darryl and Andri for their feedbacks. That really means a lot to me guys!



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