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Time of alone-ness October 24, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Leadership, Person, Serenity, Spiritual.
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Eagle flies alone while other birds fly in flock

Joyce Meyer

We often face loneliness in our life. Loss, death, separation, traveling away from family and friends are some of the reasons. Similarly, in the process of becoming a leader, we might be required to be alone, when we have a vision, and no one understand that vision, when we have to fight for the cause alone in the beginning.

For us facing this, just remember this: it’s not loneliness, but alone-ness. Alone-ness is a fact that happens to us, and we might have no control about that, but loneliness is our response when we feel sad and depressed with our state of loneliness.

Have an attitude that alone-ness is an advantage, time when you can reflect a lot about your life, time you can read books or learn things that you want to learn. Take that time as an advantage not as a suffering.
Enjoy your alone-ness!



1. Joyce Meyer - October 28, 2007

Great post. What can I say? God bless!

Chris J.

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