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Honesty vs. Integrity October 25, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Courage, Leadership, Person, Spiritual.
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Most people think of integrity as being the same thing as honesty. Is the person telling the truth, can they be trusted etc. But if you think of integrity as consistency, where your actions, values, thoughts, and feelings all line up would you consider yourself to have integrity?

John (SuccessBeginsToday.org)

Some people like me, really have difficulty in telling lies, I prefer to tell the truth, even when I’m lying, all the actual facts can be seen on my face. Is that the desired honesty in leadership?


For the full version of this article, check the post in my new blog here.



1. bendenham - October 26, 2007

I am reading this book by John Maxwell “The 17 essential Qualities of a Team Player” for my grad class and one of his qualities in the book is Consistency but what he really describes is Integrity. I thought it interesting to see the same correlation in your blog.

Nice read. (Your post, not the book I am reading)


2. rich - March 2, 2009

My BPDGF accuses me of having no integrity and being untrustworthy, im here to learn how to have integrity, maybe i have some, but not enough, if thats possible…
Its such an issue im self harming now, because i now believe her Projection identification is true, screw mental illness.

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