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Yours is A+ October 26, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Serenity, Spiritual, Testimony.
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If your life is to be evaluated, who will be giving the grade? And how is your grade?

It was 3 years ago, I was studying for my final year at NTU Singapore. I took a course on game development, it was very time consuming where we have to submit 5 assignments, including a complete game for the final assignment. It was a struggle for each assignment, and I submitted each with some ‘imperfection’, some mistakes and incompleteness here and there. No more time, so I just submitted my assignment.

The last 4 assignments’ grade are given only at the end of the semester. On the day where the grade is just released, I bumped into my lecturer before the class. I asked him, what is my grade, and he said, “it’s very good”. Eventually, I checked the net and surprised with the line of A+ that I got for all 5 assignments.

“Hey sir, so generous of you, but don’t you know I made so many mistakes, my submission is very simple, with many errors or bugs here and there, don’t you see that, it’s very obvious?” How would he answer if I asked that to my lecturer? Maybe he will answer “Mmmm, who is the one judging here? it’s not you, it’s me, and I’m giving you A+!”

Similarly, in our life, the one valuing our life is our God, not ourselves nor others. We may see mistake and imperfection in our life, but God’s view will be very different. He values our life despite of our weaknesses. God sees the progress, your love for Him and your willingness to repent and change, not all your mistakes.

And you’re an A+ in front of Him.



1. Andy - December 20, 2007

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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