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Being interesting October 29, 2007

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What makes a person interesting? Not necessarily the topic he/she is talking about. It’s more of ‘how’ than ‘what’, more of how he talk, how he communicate his/her ideas instead of the topic he is speaking about.

Today I want to share from a book I’m reading right now, in fact I’m studying it. It’s not an inspirational book, it is a technical, IT-related book. I’ve been thinking all along, whether anything that I can share about the book I’m reading right now in my blog. Of course I don’t want to share technical stuff in this blog, otherwise this blog will be reason2program or reason2code instead of reason2smile =)

The book is one of the Head First series (can be checked in Amazon here) and I study this book for a certification I plan to take next month. Something very interesting about this book was that how it’s been structured not in a conventional way, a way that the topic becomes very interesting and easier for readers to understand.

Some of the things I learned from the author of the books that I find it might be useful for us to become more interesting:

Available at my new blog, please check the article here.



1. first other - October 29, 2007

Being interesting? Sometimes I feel like I’m so boring, then I finally talked to someone and shared with them, my story… who I was. And to my disbelief, they thought it was fascinating so they suggested I write about it.

I just bought that book, thanks!

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