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When Lazy is Better November 7, 2007

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One reason might be that laziness is the principal spur to creativity. Lazy people are always looking for easier, simpler, and less arduous ways to do things. If they are also clever, the chances are that they will find them, and make them available to everyone else.

Lazy people are also natural delegators, and find it very attractive to let their subordinates get on with their work without interference from above. Lazy, but bright, generals would be likely to make sure they focused on the essentials and ignored anything that might make for unnecessary work, whether for themselves or other people. In fact, it’s hard to see why you would not want your top managers to be as lazy as they are clever. It would indeed make them great strategists and leaders of people.

Carmine Coyote (SlowLeadersip.org)

I guess I’d like the word efficient better, be efficient and clever. Efficient people will find the better way to finish the task with minimum time required. Efficient people will be happy to delegate task to the right person that is able to finish the task faster, without any unnecessary efforts replication. But efficient people need to be effective as well, he/she has to be able to finish the work on time, possibly strategically. Otherwise, IT’S LAZY IN A BAD WAY.

Read the full article from SlowLeadership.org here.



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