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Inside out or outside in? November 9, 2007

Posted by reason4smile in Courage, Leadership, Person, Spiritual.
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A trap for us who likes a lot about self-improvement, we might be trapped of thinking constantly about inner-side of us, character and self development. Why? because we think that it’s the most important thing, the best thing of a person. That’s what we look for to become our friends and companions, that’s what we look for a good if not perfect spouse.

What are the traps?

First, we forgot that inner side should have an impact to outside, good inside must be able to be seen by other people. Not only verbally, but also the NON-VERBAL sign (which a lot of people forgotten). Just an example, consider how you sit? Are you able to sit upright when you’re talking? Good inner being must be expressed, verbally and also non-verbally. Learn to sit, stand, walk with more confidence, not like a defeated or sloppy people. How you speak will have much impact on how people will listen to you. That’s really a bite of wisdom, reminded by a good friend of mine Yoseph during our conversation yesterday.

Secondly, we forgot about the importance of good outfit and dressing well, etc. Yesterday, Yoseph also emphasized what he has learned about good outfit. Good outfit may not be the most important thing to many of us, however, it has an impact to your confidence. Dressing well gives great impression to other people and it does really boost our confidence to other people.

So, inside out or outside in? The answer is both, and we have to make a balance between both of them. Remember! What we are inside should be able to be seen from outside!

Last but not least, credit to the wisdom of my friend, Yoseph! Thanks bro!



1. dareevan - November 9, 2007

Wah dalem kata-katanya euy.
Gak nyangka lu memang bener punya bakat menulis.
Pls keep it up bro! Well done!

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