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Banning my own blog… November 6, 2007

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Working in IT industry, having access to internet really a big temptation to lose focus at work and surf the net.

From LifeHacker, I got to know some tools to block time-wasting website, either for temporary or permanent. Here is the full article on the tools to be used. The idea for temporary block is using the greasemonkey script to block certain website at certain time of the day.

And what is the website I banned today? my own blog, this blog! I do find it really necessary, being the owner of the blog, I’m really tempted to see the traffic to my blog, finding out the website or what kind of query that people used to find my blog and so on.

For the full version of this article, check the post in my new blog here.


Community to achieve your goals October 8, 2007

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We all need each other to achieve our goals, nothing big in life to be achieved by a lone ranger.

I would like to introduce a site that recently joined, a site that thanks to Web 2.0, the content was provided by the all the users/subscribers who share their goals to all of you.

Steps to find your goal community:

  • sign up to become its member,
  • write down your goal or search from the available list of goals,
  • find the people who share the same goals there,
  • cheer others’ goals,
  • get some more tips/links that can help you to achieve your goal.
  • achieve your goal,
  • and share more about tips/tools to achieve your goal

The site’s name is 43things.com, can be visited here. It has also some more links to 43places or 43people to find places or peoples you want to visit or meet.

Wish u all the best on achieving your goals.

Diigo The Highlighter October 2, 2007

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Hi, would like to recommend another software available on the net to highlight web page that you read. The tool is called Diigo. It is another social bookmarking tool (similar like del.icio.us) but with additional features where you can highlight the articles and make annotations or notes as you read through the web page.

The best part: the highlights and notes are saved, so anytime you open the web page again, you will see them again.

Sign up and use it, it’s very useful for your study, research, or even leisure reading. Available for free in Diigo.

A Buddi For You? September 30, 2007

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Hi, now wanna share a budgeting software that i’ve been using for the past few weeks.
A lot of features, simulating our wallet, bank accounts, income, useful for recording our expenses according to various budgets, and various reports can be generated.
And the best, it’s free!!!