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When Lazy is Better November 7, 2007

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One reason might be that laziness is the principal spur to creativity. Lazy people are always looking for easier, simpler, and less arduous ways to do things. If they are also clever, the chances are that they will find them, and make them available to everyone else.

Lazy people are also natural delegators, and find it very attractive to let their subordinates get on with their work without interference from above. Lazy, but bright, generals would be likely to make sure they focused on the essentials and ignored anything that might make for unnecessary work, whether for themselves or other people. In fact, it’s hard to see why you would not want your top managers to be as lazy as they are clever. It would indeed make them great strategists and leaders of people.

Carmine Coyote (SlowLeadersip.org)

I guess I’d like the word efficient better, be efficient and clever. Efficient people will find the better way to finish the task with minimum time required. Efficient people will be happy to delegate task to the right person that is able to finish the task faster, without any unnecessary efforts replication. But efficient people need to be effective as well, he/she has to be able to finish the work on time, possibly strategically. Otherwise, IT’S LAZY IN A BAD WAY.

Read the full article from SlowLeadership.org here.


Banning my own blog… November 6, 2007

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Working in IT industry, having access to internet really a big temptation to lose focus at work and surf the net.

From LifeHacker, I got to know some tools to block time-wasting website, either for temporary or permanent. Here is the full article on the tools to be used. The idea for temporary block is using the greasemonkey script to block certain website at certain time of the day.

And what is the website I banned today? my own blog, this blog! I do find it really necessary, being the owner of the blog, I’m really tempted to see the traffic to my blog, finding out the website or what kind of query that people used to find my blog and so on.

For the full version of this article, check the post in my new blog here.

Productivity: Being productive by being yourself October 10, 2007

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Have you ever tried very hard to be productive? A blogger on blogging Michael Martine has a message on blogging productivity that we can apply to anything that we are doing.

The key to being productive is not to try and be productive… it is to understand and be yourself. If a “productivity guru” said that, he would be laughed off the stage, because productivity gurus make their money by selling you formulas—science without the art. Don’t try to be productive! Try to be yourself. Expressing yourself is the art. Productivity naturally follows.

Michael Martine*

So… be yourself! That means follow your passion and calling in life! Share with others and you will be productive!

*Michael Martine’s blog can be checked here.

Fight Procrastination September 30, 2007

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Here is a good article about fighting procrastination,

Getting to Now: How to Beat the Procrastination Habit

Some quotes:

I’ve tried all sorts of things to beat the habit — Getting Things Done, e-mail reminders, dozens of list systems — but the only thing that seems to work is to:

Do it now.


And another one:

Do not multitask. Oh, how I love multitasking. “I’m great at doing many things at once,” I told Kris once. She gave me one of those looks. “No, you’re not,” she said. “You’re great at starting many things at once, but you never actually do any of them.”

Hope it can be useful for u too!