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Best way to Make Money November 5, 2007

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The best way to make money is to stop selfishly looking to make money. Instead, be trusted—by being trustworthy.

Charles H. Green


Making money just for the sake of making money can make us easily falling to the trap of selfish purpose. The quote above is taken from an article in Slow Leadership, describing another perspective of making money, which is the value of trustworthiness or integrity.


The articles emphasizes on the negative sides of sales contest. In the short term it can looks good, considerable as impressive performance, but most likely people will fall into the trap of selling for his/her own benefits.


On the other hand, pursue integrity to gain trust from our bosses/customers. That will benefit more in the long-term.


For the full article, check here.


Art of Selling October 6, 2007

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We are all selling, either selling our products if we are businessmen, salesmen and women, selling our time to our bosses if we are employee or even selling “ourselves” to potential life partner.

Rule #1 to understand what makes people tick: People Mostly Care About Themselves
It’s an important note to be applied in our relationships if we want to be successful in selling.

I read about an interesting quote in John Maxwell’s book “Be A People Person” about motivating people for their benefit:

“You have to close through your eyes”.

Tom Hopkins (How to Master the Art of Selling)


Inside that book, Tom Hopkins gives an example of successful blind salesman who attributed his success in selling his properties on his blindness. The fact that he couldn’t see the properties he sold, requested him to sell through the eyes of his prospect.

You must see the benefits and features and limitations of your product or service from your potential buyer’s viewpoint. You must weigh them on his scale of values, not your own.

Tom Hopkins (How to Master the Art of Selling)

Be A People Person

To get the book, here is the link from amazon.com.