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Getting into the ‘corridor’ November 12, 2007

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Time to say goodbye with WordPress.COM. I’m moving my blog to:


This is about getting into the ‘corridor’ as I put it in my post few days ago. Getting into the ‘corridor’ …

It means entering the arena where you want to be in the future, in any capacity, to get started.

T. Harv Eker

Blogging with WordPress.com is simple and enjoyable, but many things are limited, such as plugins addition, themes, and opportunity for blog monetization. It does limit my creativity on what I can do with this blog.

Initially I thought of waiting for few more months before getting my own domain, prepare more, to get more readers and subscribers. Yet, some statements that Harv Eker mentioned in his book, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind woke me up:

Rich people get started. They trust that once they get in the game, they can make intelligent decisions in the present moment, make corrections, and adjust their sails along the way.

Rich people see an opportunity, jump on it, and get even richer. As for poor people? They’re still “preparing”!

What Eker emphasizes always in his book was that everything start with your mindset. What he means by the rich people here are not necessarily those rich financially but they’re rich in their mindset, even when they are in the middle of struggle. Rich financially, not everyone has right now, but everyone can start with having rich mindset.

What does it mean by getting into the ‘corridor’? Check my new blog for more @ www.reason4smile.com.

Thank you for all your support for this blog and see you at my new blog!


Heart of A Keys November 10, 2007

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Yoseph Ade Setiawan

Anyone ever heard about Alicia Keys? born in 1980, a multi talented Singer, song writer who have won numerous awards, including nine Grammy Awards, eleven Billboard Music Awards, and three American Music Awards.
Besides being a musician, Keys is also an active philanthropist. She is a spokeswoman for Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization that provides life-saving AIDS medicines directly to children and families with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

I knew that when the first time I see her in the MTV, I’m gonna be her fans. I like her music and she is pretty off course—bring delightment to my eyes. But more than that, I draw to her more because of her attitude and character when singing. The first time I saw her singing while playing piano, I know she is an extraordinary person.

Below is a part of her interview with reader’s digest:

RD(Reader’s Digest): You’ve won nine Grammys. When they started coming, did you feel that maybe you didn’t deserve to win?
Keys(Alicia Keys): It’s very surreal. But then I remembered this quote about how shrinking from the light doesn’t serve the world, that you serve by showing the world that we do deserve to be beautiful and proud and tall and all the great things that can come our way.

My comment: Well,… what an answer. It leaves me with a minute of pondering and thinking. Deep answer….

RD: You’re involved in a couple of charities. Tell us about why that work is important to you.
Keys: I went to South Africa in 2002 for MTV’s World AIDS Day broadcast. I went to medical clinics and there were all these kids, a little younger than me, like 14, living with AIDS. That blew my mind.
One woman came up to me and said, “Can you help us? We can’t get any medicine and our babies can’t live.” She was pregnant. I felt like the whole world was on my shoulders.
After that trip, I was scheduled to go to the Seychelles, which are beautiful, expensive islands off the coast of Africa. I got there and never felt so much guilt in my life. I would get these huge bills for breakfast and feel like hell. I realised at that moment I can’t just go back to New York and pretend I had never seen what I did in South Africa. So I got involved with Keep A Child Alive, which provides anti-retroviral medications for [HIV-positive] kids who would never be able to afford it in places like Africa.

RD: Do you have a message for young people?
Keys: My main thing is to be unstoppable. When you believe in yourself, there’s nothing that you can’t do. Having the vigour to say that I can dream the biggest dream and make it happen is what makes this world so great.
I look at buildings, I look at airplanes, and I’m like this was somebody’s crazy idea that a million people told them is never going to work. And it’s here now. So I believe in the power of us.

Now I became more than a fans. I admire her! She’s destined to be big. She have the talent which make her to the top, plus she have the character which will keep her there.

Inside out or outside in? November 9, 2007

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A trap for us who likes a lot about self-improvement, we might be trapped of thinking constantly about inner-side of us, character and self development. Why? because we think that it’s the most important thing, the best thing of a person. That’s what we look for to become our friends and companions, that’s what we look for a good if not perfect spouse.

What are the traps?

First, we forgot that inner side should have an impact to outside, good inside must be able to be seen by other people. Not only verbally, but also the NON-VERBAL sign (which a lot of people forgotten). Just an example, consider how you sit? Are you able to sit upright when you’re talking? Good inner being must be expressed, verbally and also non-verbally. Learn to sit, stand, walk with more confidence, not like a defeated or sloppy people. How you speak will have much impact on how people will listen to you. That’s really a bite of wisdom, reminded by a good friend of mine Yoseph during our conversation yesterday.

Secondly, we forgot about the importance of good outfit and dressing well, etc. Yesterday, Yoseph also emphasized what he has learned about good outfit. Good outfit may not be the most important thing to many of us, however, it has an impact to your confidence. Dressing well gives great impression to other people and it does really boost our confidence to other people.

So, inside out or outside in? The answer is both, and we have to make a balance between both of them. Remember! What we are inside should be able to be seen from outside!

Last but not least, credit to the wisdom of my friend, Yoseph! Thanks bro!

Don’t Play Small November 8, 2007

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You’re a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love)

The quote was taken from the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind book, wealth file #4:

Rich people think big.
Poor people think small.

T. Harv Eker

For the full article of Don’t Play Small, please check the article in my new blog here.

When Lazy is Better November 7, 2007

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One reason might be that laziness is the principal spur to creativity. Lazy people are always looking for easier, simpler, and less arduous ways to do things. If they are also clever, the chances are that they will find them, and make them available to everyone else.

Lazy people are also natural delegators, and find it very attractive to let their subordinates get on with their work without interference from above. Lazy, but bright, generals would be likely to make sure they focused on the essentials and ignored anything that might make for unnecessary work, whether for themselves or other people. In fact, it’s hard to see why you would not want your top managers to be as lazy as they are clever. It would indeed make them great strategists and leaders of people.

Carmine Coyote (SlowLeadersip.org)

I guess I’d like the word efficient better, be efficient and clever. Efficient people will find the better way to finish the task with minimum time required. Efficient people will be happy to delegate task to the right person that is able to finish the task faster, without any unnecessary efforts replication. But efficient people need to be effective as well, he/she has to be able to finish the work on time, possibly strategically. Otherwise, IT’S LAZY IN A BAD WAY.

Read the full article from SlowLeadership.org here.

Banning my own blog… November 6, 2007

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Working in IT industry, having access to internet really a big temptation to lose focus at work and surf the net.

From LifeHacker, I got to know some tools to block time-wasting website, either for temporary or permanent. Here is the full article on the tools to be used. The idea for temporary block is using the greasemonkey script to block certain website at certain time of the day.

And what is the website I banned today? my own blog, this blog! I do find it really necessary, being the owner of the blog, I’m really tempted to see the traffic to my blog, finding out the website or what kind of query that people used to find my blog and so on.

For the full version of this article, check the post in my new blog here.

Best way to Make Money November 5, 2007

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The best way to make money is to stop selfishly looking to make money. Instead, be trusted—by being trustworthy.

Charles H. Green


Making money just for the sake of making money can make us easily falling to the trap of selfish purpose. The quote above is taken from an article in Slow Leadership, describing another perspective of making money, which is the value of trustworthiness or integrity.


The articles emphasizes on the negative sides of sales contest. In the short term it can looks good, considerable as impressive performance, but most likely people will fall into the trap of selling for his/her own benefits.


On the other hand, pursue integrity to gain trust from our bosses/customers. That will benefit more in the long-term.


For the full article, check here.

Price of Obedience November 4, 2007

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Christians habitually weep and pray over beautiful truth, only to draw back from that same truth when it comes to the difficult job of putting it in practice. It appears that too many Christians want to enjoy the thrill of feeling right but are not willing to endure the inconvenience of being right.

A. W. Tozer


I read this quote from a message from Rev. David Wong on Steps of Obedience, started from I hear, I understand, I remember, I decide, I do and finally, I persist on doing.


Blogging is easy, it’s just stating the principles that I read from bible or books, I heard from pastors, teachers, or friends, songs or movies. It does really help me in the third step, I remember. But comes to the challenging part is really in doing, walking the faith and obeying God.


I read Mother Theresa’s letters today, how she struggled with feeling the absence of God’s presence, in the midst of her ministry. But the greatest thing is that she’s still doing the right thing even when she is not feeling right, she is still following the faith and the call and passion God has put in her life.


This is what the last step Rev. David Wong is trying to emphasize, I persist on doing.

Obeying the Lord does not guarantee relief and ease. On the contrary, we may meet opposition, face inconvenience and suffer loss. That is when we pay the price of obedience.

Rev. David Wong



God-given Opportunities November 3, 2007

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It’s really amazing that God can talk to us through various people in many ways and media, His wisdom indeed is calling us.

The post today is inspired from the movie Evan Almighty, especially when the “God” is telling Evan’s wife to return to her husband. It really does reflect how God answers our prayer.

If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does He give them the opportunity to be patient?

If they pray for courage, does God give them courage, or does he give them opportunities to be courageous?

‘God’ @ Evan Almighty

For the full version of this article, check the post in my new blog here.

Declaration vs. Affirmation November 1, 2007

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Do you dream of becoming a better you? Can you start affirming that you have the character that you have dreamed about? It’s okay if you can’t, most of us can’t make affirmation toward ourselves because we know that we are trying to lie to ourselves, deep inside we know that we’re not there yet, and hence our affirmation is kind of in-sincere statements we make towards ourselves.

T. Harv Eker in his book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, encourages declaration instead of affirmation, what’s the difference?

The difference between a declaration and an affirmation is slight, but in my mind, powerful. The definition of an affirmation is “a positive statement asserting that a goal you wish to achieve is already happening.” The definition of a declaration is “to state an official intention to undertake a particular course of action or adopt a particular status.

T. Harv Eker

And why does he encourage declaration instead of affirmation?

Check the answer in my new blog here.